Procurement for Professional Services

Save significant time and money in buying services for your firm

It’s a challenging role, managing a professional services firm, in today’s business environment. 

You have to ensure excellence in client work, find new work, and there is the constant juggling of the many needs of your people. 

Rising competition means that your fees are under pressure and profitability is at threat.

For most firms, supplies of traditional office spend cost 6% of your revenues. And savings made there go straight to your bottom line. Yet many are too busy to review their current suppliers – often paying more than they need to.

Grow your firm's profits and free up staff time to focus on more valuable tasks

Join Australia's fastest growing procurement network for professional service firms and enjoy the advantage of our collective purchasing power.

Save up to 27% of your current supplier costs - add it straight to your bottom line

With savings of up to 27% and an average saving of 17%, our members easily save many, many thousands of dollars a year. Your firm could too.

Saving time to focus on more important things

Evaluating suppliers takes time and is often hard when trying to compare apples with apples. Little wonder most firms rarely do.

We are experts in supplier selection and management, so you can devote that time to other, more important things.

Rigorous selection process - so quality is assured

Our suppliers have to pass a rigorous selection process focused on the quality of their services and products and our exacting client service expectations for our members.

So you can rest assured that they will easily meet the most stringent of requirements.

World class procurement platform - easy to use and on-call support

Searching for suppliers, placing orders and paying invoices is easy with our online platform. And if a problem arises, simply call our Australian customer service team and they will happily fix it for you.

A very worthwhile investment

We have been using TCA for 5 months and even though so far we have used only a few of the products offered we have already saved over $8000. We have saved 23% on our electricity and our printing costs are down by one third. Our clients have remarked on the improvement in the quality of our catering and we expect to save $2000 a year on that alone. A double benefit. All in all a very worthwhile investment.

Peter Carew, Director, Carew Counsel

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